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4 4 Family house
380 sqm

Without a doubt, this may be one of the most unique homes you'll find in any city, let alone Tel Aviv. Designed by a stylish French couple, with the desire to have a large open space for their family to gather, this home is ideal for being together with loved ones. Tucked away on a charming street in Neve Tzedek, this home offers the utmost privacy and feels a bit like a jungle retreat or treehouse.

3 2 Apartment

Located in the top floor of a beautiful building in the heart of the white city, this space is steps away from Rothschild Blvd. and Habima Square. The three bedroom penthouse has a spacious terrace with an outdoor jacuzzi and breathtaking urban views in a tree-lined street.

2 2 Apartment
78 sqm

This modern and trendy home is located steps from Tel Aviv’s iconic beaches. The home is located on the 1st floor of a high-end brand new building. The blue design scheme was inspired by the nearby sea and all of the art and accessories were chosen with someone trendy in mind.

3 4 Apartment
196 sqm

This modern, hi-end home is located in one of Tel Aviv’s most luxurious buildings, White City Residence. Positioned in the best part of the city. The comfort, safety, convenience, and sophistication of this building make it perfect for anyone unwilling to compromise.

4 3 Family house
380 sqm

Located in the heart of Neve Tzedek, the V HOUSE is undoubtedly one of the most stunning homes in the neighbourhood, if not the city. This home offers it all: space for 6 people, prime location, outdoor patio and pool, and proximity to the sea.


1 1 Family house
96 sqm

Tucked away on an unassuming side street in the charming neighborhood Neve Tzedek, this stunningly engineered home maximizes every bit of available space.

3 3 Family house
170 sqm

The Bakers House was once the home of the first bakery in Neve Tzedek. Located steps from Shabazi street and a short walking distance from the iconic Susan Dallal Center, this home is perfectly situated.

3 3 Apartment
110 sqm

Located on Amzaleg street, the most remarkable street in Neve Tzedek The White Apartment is a two-floored minimalistic heaven.

3 2 Family house
120 sqm

This beautifully designed home was built inside a historical building and is only a few steps away from the iconic Susan Dallal Center. A ten minute walk will take you straight to the beach, to the famous Rothschild Blvd., and to some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.



3 3 Family house
150 sqm

Spacious space located in the heart of Neve Tzedek. Bright, white greek style and upscale features, in this vacation apartment gem.

4 3 Family house
350 sqm

The Twins House is a renovated beauty inside a historic building. Conveniently located in Neve Tzedek, this home features a fabulous private garden. This stunning three-story home is both classic and modern.


1 1 Apartment
60 sqm

This stunning apartment juxtaposes the charming building it resides in. Located on Mazeh Street in the heart of Tel Aviv, this one-bedroom apartment is a five minute walk from the famous Rothschild Blvd., and some of the best sights of the city.The Jungle Apartment is ideal for business travelers and for those who are eager to explore the city.


3 3 Apartment
200 sqm

The Fabric Home is the coolest space in town. Designed by a renowned creative graphic and media designer, this boheme-meets-luxury space has it all. It features two different entrances, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and four balconies.

2 2 Apartment
90 sqm

This space is located in one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods of the city. Designed by a vibrant Belgian architect, this is as good as it gets. From this charm-filled pad, head outside to explore the heart of the White City.

Highly recommended for longer stays and for business travelers.

2 1 Apartment
65 sqm

The Getaway Arsuf is located just about 20 km from Tel Aviv and boasts the most awe-inspiring views of the Mediterranean sea. Steps from the beach, the outdoor living space here is what dreams are made of.

Highly recommended for a relaxed weekend or a longer stay just outside the city